Bar Interior Design – Swanky and Modern Or Fun and Sporty?

If you live in a city where the nightlife is a highlight, investing in a bar or lounge can prove to be a wise investment. It is important to remember that the location of the lounge is part of what makes a bar successful, but the bar interior design, as well as the exterior is really what will keep your patrons returning time and time again. How you design and decorate your bar certainly depends on what type of bar it is. Getting a clear idea of the direction you are heading will help you determine the kind of design you will have.

If you live in a busy city like New York City or Chicago, there are nightclubs and bars on practically every corner. These cities have a certain air about them; modern, sophisticated and successful. When designing a bar for cities such as these, it is important to remember the type of clientele that you will be catering to. Dark and mysterious spaces with low lighting, interesting seating arrangements and a dance floor can set the mood for a cool and swanky club scene. Don’t forget the VIP area! Every well known nightclub in big cities will have these designated areas where the “who’s who” of social life conjures and where those who wish they were the “who’s who” wants to be! Make sure that you cater to the right type of people. This can be found with the type of music that your deejay is playing.

In a smaller town, or for a more “down home” type of feeling, your bar interior design may be more of a comfortable feel where you can plop yourself down at the bar, order a tall one and watch your favorite team playing on the big screen television. Your interior should reflect a more relaxed atmosphere, but it does not necessarily mean that it has to be cheap or trashy. Having big overstuffed leather armchairs with low to the ground tables can still be high-end in feel without setting of an air of stuffiness. Whatever type of bar you choose to design, it is all about the ambience. Making sure it is inviting to your target audience is important to insure a successful business and the interior design will help that along just as much as the drinks, menu and staff.