Residential Interior Design – A Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Everyone wants their home to be a place where they feel comfortable and which looks beautiful. That is why they call it ‘home’. In order to achieve this feeling of well being, they undertake some form of residential interior design.

The choices available to the consumer or home owner is to employ a professional or to use the resources at their disposal, decide on what they want and go it alone. Some people decide to go this way and there are online interior design courses available enabling them to fit this training into a busy schedule. Either way is fine if they are successful in creating an environment which supports their happiness and well being.

This article will attempt to briefly examine these choices of residential interior design with the end result in mind.

Home Decorating

Nowadays with the advancement of technology and an ever expanding economy, some people are fortunate enough to earn a living from home while others spend many hours at work and cannot wait to arrive home to relax. In either case, they must ‘feel’ comfortable where they live. People need to be in touch with the psychology of the design elements which they choose. Rather than decorating to impress anyone, it is important to choose the color, specific lighting, sounds, furnishings, patterns and other design elements of residential interior design that will provide security and happiness in a homeowner.

Home Design Software

There are software packages today that can do just about everything except tie your shoes. As one might expect, there is software that gives the homeowner the freedom to play the residential interior designer. They can start anywhere in the house using editable templates, customize the dimensions and move through every room in the house. Most programs have several built in features with easy to use interface to help with the design process. They can examine two and three dimensional views which offer daytime and night time walk through, cutaway and multiple camera views.

This gives the homeowner a ‘feel’ for the design but can they handle the whole project?

Home Decor

The homeowner now has the ideas but is a little hesitant about where to start in their implementation and whether the ideas will work. They have items of furniture, paintings and accessories and they are not sure whether they will fit into the room or match the color combination, fabric, proportions and style. There is major work to be done that must meet building codes. The cost of the work must all meet a budget. At what stage does the homeowner call in the professional?

Residential Interior Designers

Residential interior designers are creative, licensed, professional business people who are qualified by education, training and experience. They encourage their clients to express their own individual personalities as this is considered the most important design ingredient. They pay attention to the wants and needs of the people in the house and ensure a successful residential interior design.


More people are undertaking residential interior design projects. They are considering the traditional elements of design and are including the psychology of design in the planning stage. Some are utilizing software that is available and if required employing the services of a licensed interior designer. In the end, it is all a personal preference with end harmonious result of happiness and well being of the homeowner in mind.